Wheels Of Steel: Tracks Dean Marney Would Love (Probably) by Steve Holden

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The Wheels of Steel are back turning. Stevie Holden is here with a collection of tracks which will get any Millenial-aged Smacks-attendee ready to down a jug of sangria, put their arm around their mates and wonder why they've only ever played one Joy Division song, before being the last to leave and head to Isa Bar.

They're also songs which Dean Marney loves. Probably.

Taking a look at Ste's notes on the Shed Seven track, it's yet another case of Shocker brainwashing folk. If it isn't telling his young second team bowlers to "shift... it... just..." or anyone near him on the Turf that "all referees are Beelzebub's children", he also spends time brainwashing people into liking Shed Seven.

Enjoy just under an hour of indie classics...

Theme: Sing-along-classics.

Genre: Indie and alternative.


Length: 59 minutes.

Crossfade: 10 seconds.



The playlist is on. Where are we, what are we doing? Where's it best listened to?

In the car on the way home from work or on a Saturday night with a beer after a Burnley FC win. 

Is there a theme?

Tracks from my younger years.

Which song(s) just had to be on there?

Girl from Mars - Ash

Tomorrow - James

Life of Riley - Lightning Seeds

Describe the playlist in a few words...

Easy listening, sing-a-long classics.

Can you tell us a bit about each track? Something interesting, why you like it, a memory, why it's on the playlist... something like that:


1. Round are way - Oasis 

For these lyrics

"The game is kicking off in around the park,

It's twenty five a side and before it's dark,

There's gonna be a loser,

And you know the next goal wins"

2. End of a century - Blur

3. Girl from mars - Ash

Smacks top floor, Friday night 1998 and beyond.

4. Traffic - Stereophonics

5. Come back to what you know - Embrace

6. Drops of Jupiter - Train

7. Kids - MGMT

My mates stag do in Benidorm and a cricket tour to Halifax.

8. Don't look back into the sun - Libertines

9. You get what you give - New Radicals

Karaoke at the Coal Clough House.

10. Tomorrow - James

Our James loving younger years and a trip to see them in Manchester involving a couple of our group losing their tickets - mentioning no names Nichola Mortimer and James Anderson.

11. Posh Girls - Scouting for Girls

Lyrically brilliant.

12. Sally Cinnamon - Stone Roses

13. Bully Boy - Shed Seven

Being Shed Seven brainwashed by Shocker.

14. Life of Riley - Lightning Seeds

Goal of the month theme tune.

15. The Circle - Ocean Colour Scene

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