Burnley Cricket Club lancashire league match against some chumps who probably lost


The latest SENIOR Burnley Cricket Club team news:

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First XI

Captain: Daniel Pickup

vs RISHTON (H) Fri 29/6 6pm T20

  1. TBC

vs Rishton (A) Sat 30/6 League

  1. D Pickup
  2. C Burton*
  3. CJR Holt
  4. J McCluskie
  5. M Roberts
  6. L Bedford
  7. J Marshall
  8. T Lawson
  9. Q Shah
  10. C Hayman
  11. A Zakir+


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Captain: Aidan Tate

vs RISHTON (H) Sat 30/6 LeAGUE

  1. A Tate
  2. M Tomlinson*
  3. P Mortimer
  4. M Kelly
  5. J Hargreave
  6. M Thornton
  7. M Lamb
  8. D Whittle
  9. S Brunt
  10. B Johnstone
  11. Z Mohammed
Burnley Cricket Club badge


Captain: Ben Sutcliffe


No scheduled game this weekend.


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