Wheels of Steel Introduction

The Wheels of Steel nights down at the club are part of the turn of the Millenium-era drinking crew's folklore

The brains behind these nights were Morty, Shocker and Murdo, and they coined the name in honour of hip-hop supremo Grandmaster Flash's infamous eponymous single, The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel. The 1981 track featured Flash blowing the non-orientated to hip-hop world's collective minds by scratching and mixing music from various artists across three different turntables.

Three. At once.

More specifically, the 'wheels of steel' derives from the street name for the Technics turntables favoured by DJs of the day, which featured a steel platter.

But due to a lack of proper sound systems available at BCC, our own Grandmasters played their selections of tracks on CD Walkmans plugged into the single amp and twin speakers.

They never did figure out exactly how to set the treble and bass correctly or remember to bring enough spare batteries to keep two Walkmans in action for as long as the bar was open.

Back in the here and now, one of the first content ideas for this very blog was to host regular (we'll aim for monthly) Spotify playlists which capture the ethos of a great Wheels of Steel night down at the club.

They're always eclectic. They're always vibesy. And they're all about having a good time and getting down.

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