Wheels Of Steel: Soul, Smiles and Stuff by Paul Mortimer

Wheels of Steel Poster Soul, Smiles and Stuff

Is this supposed to be in third-person? Am I Zlatan? I'm not Zlatan. I'm Paul. Here's my Wheels of Steel.

Make sure you get that crossfade cranked up.

Theme: Feel good and get along.

Genre: Soul, mainly.


Length: 56 minutes.

Crossfade: 12 seconds.


Q&A About The Playlist

Q. When and where's the playlist best listened to?
A. On a 56 minute journey to work or whilst cooking tea on a Friday night.

Q. The playlist's on, what are we drinking and what are we eating?
A. Freddy's and something fizzy.

Q. Which track(s) had to be on there?
A. Purple Rain was always gonna be the closer.

Q. Which track(s) might people have never heard of?
A. Heck knows. I've no idea what's current or new, never mind what's popular.

Q. Is there a theme or anything?
A. Feel-good vibes.

Q. Describe your playlist in a few words...
A. Stuff with soul that makes you smile and bob your head.

A Bit About Each Track

(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People
The power-up intro makes it a great opener on its own and the message is one which we should all live by. One of my favourite Chi-Lite numbers because it's one of the easier ones to sing along to.

All Night
Not sure how I stumbled across this one, but I suspect it's been logged for future reference during a late night drive home listening to Radio 1 when it's actually bearable. Check out the smoothest drop ever.

People Everyday - Metamorphosis Remix
A bonafide classic from their eight-times platinum, positive-mental-attitude, debut album released in 1992. The album's success during the era of gangsta rap restores your faith in people's ability to be sound with each other.

I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar
From the 70s early-type punk, this was my first exposure to his work. Coincidentally another release from 1992, I like the wordplay and story. Fave line: In the first bar thing were just alright, In this bar things we Friday night.

1 In a Million
One of the best releases in 2017, no doubt (not that I listen to much new music knowingly). 'I don't want no drama, I don't want no beef with you.' Yep. Kind of how I approach everyone I meet, to be fair.

You Sexy Thing
Bom, bom-ba bom-ba bommm.

Before This
I dare you not to move your shoulder to this beat.

54-46 Was My Number
A classic which has been sampled or echoed by everyone from The Clash to Vanilla Ice.

Do You Really Like It?
'Oh! How'd you like our, how'd you like my, how'd like our style? Style. Style.' Check out the Sun, Sea and UKG documentary by Boiler Room.

Suede Jaw
2015 release from an interesting and experimental UK hip-hop collective. Enjoy the vibe, hope you do too.

Respect Yourself
The Staple Singers couldn't not be on this playlist. This track fits the theme perfectly: Whilst remembering to get along with everyone else, don't forget to look after yourself.

Everlasting Arms
Love the bassline. Need to see this band again.

Brilliant, genre-bending, Gospel-rooted track from the Mercury Prize winners.

Purple Rain
Imagine being able to close a gig with this song. Class.

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