Three Wins, Team News and Junior Fixtures

The 2018 season finally got underway, at weekend, with our senior teams picking up three wins out of three games. We've got the teams up for this weekend and all provisional Junior Fixtures can be seen here.

Round Up of Weekend's Games

The Third XI enjoyed the best of the weather, beating Rishton, at MyProtein Turf Moor on a very sunny Saturday.

The First XI raised the curtain on their season with a convincing six wicket victory over new-to-the-league Crompton. The Second XI traveled down to Crompton and were led by stand-in skipper, Steve Brunt, to a resounding 100 run win.

Visiting Crompton was the first new ground following the league expansion. For those who missed it, here's a summary: Accy-esque approach and entrance, Enfield x Church spectator facilities around the field, textbook multi-sports clubhouse (members only snooker table, bandit, large stage which has probably seen many turns over the years, their own football pitch next door and a bowling green on-site) and the pitch was great for this time of year. As was the plate pie that was served up for tea.

A pie with an allure so strong, it spurred Jonny O'Brien on enough to do this...

Team News for this Weekend and Junior Fixtures are Released

Asif Zakir, Club Professional for 2018, will be making his debut for the First XI as Pickup's Boyos head across the border over to Todmorden. For anyone, traveling over, say hello to Noisy for Blakey.

Aidan Tate is scheduled to return as skipper of his Band of Merry Second XI Men, following his absence last week. He is struggling with a neck injury, so Matt Tomlinson is on standby as Twelfth Man.

The Third XI's game away at Clitheroe is CANCELLED as the host's pitch won't be fit in time. They will try again next time against their 4th XI.

Check out the full teams here.

Following the initial rounds of "Can you guys do then instead, because we've got two U13B games to fit in that week and Longridge said they can't move again?" Brunty is pleased to be able to share the initial round of Junior Fixtures.

Head here to get them in a saveable, super-cool spreadsheet format. Please note that they WILL be subject to change, so keep in touch with your team manager. We're also really pleased to share Burnley Ladies CC fixtures too.

And with that, it's time to plug signing up to our Mailing List so that we can legitimately email you with updates and news following the implementation of new data protection rules known as GDPR...