Senior Presentation Night 2017

Last month saw the club host the 2017 season's senior presentation night. The event was hosted by Mr. Kenneth Shapcott who was aided by suitably trim speeches by Chairman Bush, First Team Skipper Danny Pickup, Second Team Skipper Aidan Tate and Third Team Gaffer Phil Broadhurst.

Before we got down to business with the awards, winners listed below, there was a thorough and interesting presentation by the Lancs League heritage group.

Lancashire League 125 Presentation

bush presents a donation to the lancashire league experience

As part of a lottery funding campaign, Brian Heywood, Lancashire League Experience Project Manager, presented what the group is trying to achieve and a whole host of interesting anecdotes from yesteryear.

As entertaining as the tales of minor riots between Todmorden and Burnley fans were, the main reason Brian was there was to spread the word about The Lancashire League Experience: Celebrating 125 Years of the Lancashire Cricket League.

To keep this project going - which includes brilliant schemes such as using Lancs League history to teach local sixth form students journalism interview techniques by interviewing retired players, and using resources they've found to help dementia sufferers remember things from years ago - the group are hoping to raise enough to qualify for funding assistance in the tune of £300,000.

Here's what Bush had to say about our donation of £500 to get the ball rolling, "I have learned several things about our club's history from tonight's presentation that I didn't know.

"As a club, we appreciate how much this project can do to celebrate the League's history, raise the profile of local cricket and to help the clubs to engage with the wider community.

"I hope our donation acts as a catalyst for others as I know how important funding at the right time is to succeed."

Find out more about the project here and if you'd like to get involved in any way, no matter how small or large (it could be an old photo or amazing story, or a financial contribution or volunteering your time) then get in touch here.

A Stirring Performance By Ken

Master of Ceremonies on the night was once again Mr. Kenneth Shapcott. Never one to turn down entertaining a crowd, he performed an updated rendition of his ode to the Lancashire League. This latest adaptation welcomes all of our new competitors to the fold and is sure to whet the appetite for a thrilling 2018 season.

Bring it on.

The Prize Winners

3rd Team Awards:

Batting: Harry Tomlinson

Maiden Senior Half Century: Harry Tomlinson

Bowling: Haider Ali Khan

Manager’s Prize: Ben Sutcliffe

Joe Fletcher’s One to Watch: Rehan Zore

Joe Fletcher’s Most Improved: Harry Tomlinson

Albert Birtwell Trophy: Haider Ali Khan

2nd Team Awards:

Batting: Aidan Tate

Maiden Senior Century: Aidan Tate

Bowling: Jack Hargreave

Maiden Senior 5 Wicket Haul: Jack Hargreave

Captain’s Award: Matt Thornton

1st Team Awards:

Batting: Liam Bedford

Maiden Lancashire League Century: Liam Bedford

Bowling: Bharat Tripathi

Young Player of the Year: Matt Roberts

Roger Law Award: Matt Lamb

Captain’s Award: Joey Marshall

Player of the Year: Liam Bedford

Peter Lawson Award: Fiona Hadfield