New Burnley Cricket Club Kit Supplier Announcement

2018 has arrived and that means two things are nearly due: subs and winter nets. Details on those two delightful, annual events will follow shortly but we have more exciting things at hand... OUR KIT IS NOW MADE BY ADIDAS AND IT'S READY TO ORDER HERE.

When adidas became the kit supplier for Manchester United at the start of the 2015/16 season, they signed a record-breaking £750m deal for a 10 season contract. That's a whopping £75m a season.

Now, am I saying that this world record sponsorship deal has been broken by adidas when becoming our kit supplier? I'm not saying that but, you know, why else would I mention these figures?

But I'm saying nothing more. Instead, here's what some prominent players and supporters had to say about their club's new kit supplier...

"We've known that the quality of adidas club gear is spot on, so all the lads are pleased with what they'll be wearing on the pitch for this coming season. It's great to know we'll be playing in a kit which lets us reach our full potential, whilst looking great too. It helps us play with confidence."

Dan Pickup, First XI Captain

"You can pay on finance. Being able to spread the cost across a longer period means I can keep the cash flow in my favour and maximise an estimated 0.0003% interest boost as a result. Which is cool."

Michael Brown, President, ex-Surrey CCC Captain and Asset Manager in the financial sector

"It's proper well sick!"

Matthew Tomlinson, 2015 League Winning Second Team Vice-Captain


Aidan Tate, Second XI Captain

"Oliver Khan."

Sam Bowden, 2015 Supporter of the Year

"Bootle's kit is smarter."

Bharat Tripathi, expert new kit buyer

"I hope it's not slim fit."

Chris Holt, Club Professional 2014-2017