2019 Fixture News

Okay, they’ve been online over on Stockers’ site for ages, but we’ve finally got them on our site too.

We suggest heading here and bookmarking the page for easy reference. Alternatively, if you just want to know some key dates here are the big games that you’ll probably look for first…

Season starts 14th April with the Third XI hosting Walsden.

Lancashire League starts 21st April with the First XI away at Walsden with the Second XI at home in the reverse fixture on the same day.

Worsley Cup 1st Round is on 4th May versus Enfield at home, whilst the Second XI head over to Dill Hall Lane on the same day for the LET Cup.

T20 starts 31st May and we’ve been drawn with Nelson, Lowerhouse, Accy, Darwen and Enfield.

LCB Cup 1st Round is on 19th May versus Woodhouses away.

Season ends on 8th September with the First XI hosting Todmorden and the Second XI heading over to the border in the reverse fixture.