Beer Selection for 2018 President's Game Real Ale & Gin Festival

Finally, the lineup you’ve all been waiting for is here. The meetings are over, the trucks are being loaded and the tokens are being organised. All else that’s left is to announce which beers have made the cut for our annual President’s Game Real Ale & Gin Festival. Let’s get to it…

beer barrels at burnley cricket club ale festival

This is just the beer selection, see what else is happening over the weekend, here.

Bombardier – Amber Ale - 4.1% (Kindly Sponsored by Rainford Wade)

A burnished copper colour, it has a rich, tempting aroma of peppery hops and raisins while the palate is dominated by more dark fruit, juicy malt and tangy hops

Bank’s - Amber Bitter – 3.8% (Michael Brown)

Deep Gold in colour, this is an outstanding example of classic English Ale. A bitter that resonates with tangy and refreshing flavours

opening beers at burnley cricket club real ale festival

Marston’s – 61 Deep – 3.8% (John Bushell)

Five American & Australian hops. Fresh zesty aroma. Tropical fruit and citrus notes. Dive in!

Wychwood – Hobgoblin Gold – 4.2% (Phil Broadhurst)

A combination of four hop varieties infused with wheat and malted barley resulting in a perfectly balanced golden beer – with a huge hop punch.

Brakspear – Oxford Gold – 4.0% (Trevor Pickup)

Late hopping with and fermentation by the Brekspear yeast creates a remarkably zesty aroma, a full fruity flavour and a golden colour

Wainwright - Number 7 cask – 4.1% (Steve Brunt)

Refreshing Ale inviting citrus aroma lightly hopped with subtle sweet notes and delicate citrus fruit flavours throughout.

Ringwood – Boondoggle – 4.2% (Dave Connolly – Mann-Hummel)

A blonde and luscious ale which delivers a punchy and citrus aroma. This easy drinking ale has a well balanced, more-ish, fruity taste

Banks’s – Sunbeam – 4.2% (Dave Connolly – Mann-Hummel)

Pale blonde and zesty. This is a delightful tangy grapefruit tinged ale , perfect for summer.

Blackedge – Pike – 4.0% (Burnley CC First XI)

CAMRA Champion Beer 2017, winner of Best Bitters category. Caramel malt and ripe fruit aroma and flavours. Malty, dry, bittersweet finish. Enough said!!

Reedley Hallows – New Zealand Pale – 4.5% (Chris Holt/Joey Marshall)

A gold-coloured beer with lemons and a hint of lime in the aroma, which feature in the crisp, bittersweet taste. Lemon continues in the dry, refreshing finish.

Rivington – Chillen – 4.0% (Brown Family)

Session IPA. Hazy golden ale in appearance, floral and piney aroma. Floral flavours continue along with lemon, piney and melon notes. More lemon and floral notes in the dry tangy finish.

beers on offer at burnley cricket club

Northern Whisper – Yammerhouse – 4.5% (Dave Connolly – Mann-Hummel)

A full flavoured golden American style, pale ale.Aroma bursting with mango and peach hops. Juicy mango, peach and grapefruit flavours. Dry, fruity and bittersweet finish

Brewsmith – Brown Ale – 4.2% (Broadhurst Family)

Roasted malt and piney aroma. Toffee nutty and dark berry fruit flavours. Caramel malt is identified in the pleasant, bittersweet finish.

Bank Top – Pavilion Pale Ale – 4.5% (Burnley CC 2nd and 3rd XI)

Light Golden presentation. Biscuit malt and grassy aroma. Tangy orange, sweet pale malt and subtle peppery spice flavours. Dry refreshing and malty finish.

marstons real ale festival at burnley cricket club 2018

Burnley Cricket Club would like to thank Marston’s brewery for their help in choosing beers and setting up the temporary bar for the 3rd year. Fantastic job!

Mark briggs selects burnley cricket club real ale festival beers

Burnley Cricket Club would also like to thank Mark Briggs for the selection and tasting notes © for the local independent brewers. Mark is Beer and pubs columnist for The Lancashire Telegraph.

This is just the beer selection, see what else is happening over the weekend, here.

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