Burnley Cricket Club monthly draw


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OctOBER: 1st prize Cathy Pickup, 2nd John Bushell, 3rd Trevor Little.

November: 1st prize Richard Hepke, 2nd Rob Logue, 3rd Michael Anderson.

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This is a much needed fund raiser where all the proceeds RAISED go towards projects which are visible in the club. THEY DIRECTLY BENEFIT OUR MEMBERS, JUNIORS AND CLUBHOUSE VISITORS.

previously, the money has been used to buy A NEW TV in the upstairs bar AND A CONSIDERABLE CHUNK towards the new furniture in the James Anderson Suite.

only £5 per month To Play And there are 3 Monthly winners with a 1st Prize of £60*

please get in touch if you want to help the club out and join.

*The more people who take part, the higher the prize amounts. Currently, the breakdown is as follows:

1st Prize - £60

2nd Prize - £20

3rd Prize - £10

Fill in this form if you want to win £60 per month and support your cricket club. Brunty will get your details and put your name in the draw.

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